25 November, 2016

The Digest—Friday, 25 November, 2016

[The Digest is a collection of articles, videos, and other media I've viewed and found significant throughout the day. It is a way to divest myself from other social media that is more reliant on likes, click-bait, and peer-approval rather than quality, intelligence, and diversity of opinion, which are the qualities I find important. It is also a way to devote myself to daily contributions to this space...at least in theory.] 

-=Summary: Shot by police, Trump "used" by alt-right, Good Girls Revolt, & Deprogrammed=-


Chicago-area teen's death by police under investigation
from CNN

I was just writing about this yesterday. "He had a gun." This story is told so often, so persistently, and by people who for so long were unquestionable that it still passes so, so easily. When I read this article, they had yet to find a gun associated with the victim. As it is potentially so harmful to the reputation of the CPD, I would not be surprised if they "discovered" the weapon in 2 days behind some bush, blah blah. And it is, of course, conceivable that the young man did have a weapon.

But there have been so many videos of young black men being shot by police while actively running away from them, while posing no danger, with their backs turned and hands empty. Some people believe that if you're up to no good, it's your own damn fault if police shoot you for it. Really? Would they still believe that if it were their son, or their brother, or their girlfriend? 

Doubtful, but then again....

The Alt-Right Is Using Trump
from Slate

Nice to hear definitions and origins from a source who knows some of these people and how they work. He also talks about how the media and the left need to focus on actual actions of corruption, conflict of interest, and bad behavior instead of simply screaming moral outrage about Trump's voters, Trump's appointments, etc. I agree, but I'd give people a couple more weeks to work through that outrage. It's like a mourning process, and we'll (hopefully) become more practical once the initial despair and outrage have passed. 


Good Girls Revolt (2016), episodes 5 & 6
via Amazon Prime

Deprogrammed (2016)
via Netflix

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