14 December, 2016

The Digest—Wednesday, 14 December, 2016

[The Digest is a collection of articles, videos, and other media I've viewed and found significant throughout the day. It is a way to divest myself from other social media that is more reliant on likes, click-bait, and peer-approval rather than quality, intelligence, and diversity of opinion, which are the qualities I find important. It is also a way to devote myself to daily contributions to this space...at least in theory.]

-=Summary: Insomnia & The Prisoner=-


I read nothing today.
I last slept Sunday night.
My brainz drool.

But I watched!...


The Prisoner, episode 1

I love this show.
I am not a number! I am a free man!
Attack of the sentient man-eating weather balloons!
Be seeing you!

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